Friday, January 3, 2014

Our January 1st
I captured one!

Our New Year's Eve celebration was a blast! Having our daughters with us this Holidays made it more meaningful. We prepared a simple Media Noche. I cooked spaghetti, macaroni salad, roasted chicken, and we still have leftover Chinese ham from Christmas.

Since we are staying at the 6th floor, we enjoyed looking at the different fireworks display. The dark sky literally lit up as 12:00 midnight comes to close 2013. Maxime enjoyed watching the whole fireworks effects. She kept on saying "fireworks!" (in toddler tone) every time there's a firecracker that will lit up in the dark sky.

The Following Day

We woke up at 8:30 AM. Arnel and I decided to fix our little space from last night's mini-celebration. Who would want to start the year with chaos in the house? We're still quite full from last night's feast so we decided to have our coffees instead. By 10:00 AM, we readied ourselves to go and meet my cousin, Ate Laarni at SM Megamall.

Because there was hardly no heavy traffic, we arrived at Megamall in a much earlier time. So we decided to roam around and window shop. The SM Department Store is closed but most of the stores in the mall were open.

Its good that SM Megamall have this Rent-a-Stroller service. Since we brought along Miggy, we decided to rent a stroller for him. Unlimited use of stroller was at Php200.00 (till the mall closes). But if you opted to use by the hour, its Php80.00. Not bad, right? We took the unlimited time instead.

Our Starbucks Moment

Earlier on, we had the chance to stop by Starbucks and the six of us had our first Starbucks moment as a family. Arnel and I ordered our brewed coffee (they had Colombia brew at that time) while Gabie had Strawberry and cream frap, and Mika ordered for Java Chip frap. Our naughty Maxime had her Starbucks lollipop. I told her sisters not to give her a sip of their drinks because she can be too much to handle if she takes more sugar for the day.

Our Mini Reunion

Finally, we met Ate Arni and Becbec. They are my first cousins from my father side. Ate Arni is a nurse from the US. She's having her vacation right  now and she's meeting for the first time our little munchkins ~ Maxime and Miggy. Though the meeting was only for a short time, we're able to talk about our lives and catch-up on things. I'm glad that we started the year this way.

Hope to see you soon again!

Here with Ate Arni and Becbec, my cousins. We ordered Chinese.

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