Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Staycation Escapade at Armada Hotel

Last February 26th was the 18th birthday of my eldest daughter, Mary Gabrielle or Gabie as we fondly call her. We did not have the usual cotillion party and lavish preparation. We decided to have a staycation instead at Armada Hotel. Here is our short but sweet escapade.

Armada Hotel is located at the heart of Ermita, Manila. We booked for the Deluxe room with 2 queen-sized beds for the duration of 3 days 2 nights accommodation.

Photo grabbed from Travelbook.ph

Why did I chose Armada Hotel for this particular staycation escapde? Well, first on my list was it's just near to our home and we no longer have to commute far. We also want the kids to swim in the pool and Armada Hotel has a swimming pool at the top floor (I was not able to get a photo of it though). Our plan to have family dinner at Harbour Square is just 20 minutes away from the hotel. Plus, we also plan to bring the kids to Intramuros for a little history adventure, so everything was perfect! Unfortunately, we were not able to do this because Max had a fever after swimming in the pool.


We checked in at 2PM and our designated room was Rm. 507. Here are some of our earlier shots:

Ceiling shot of the lobby.
Quick shot with the debutant at the lobby while waiting for our room key.
The Man of the House checking his messages. (pssttt...hello pogi!)
I love this motion shot! Do you see the Echoserangbata on the side? She's dancing here actually.

Our Room

Take a look at our room! It's very spacious with the wide windows almost showcasing the quarter side of the room! The room faces the road and you can view the sunset if your room is located at the 10th or 11th floor.

Setting the TV here to watch Kalye Serye.
The other side of the room where the closet, your own personal vault and the bathroom is located.
Yep, they liked it very much!
Coffee/tea at your own convenience. There's a personal fridge too just below this table.
Bathroom goodies!
Oh! We also had a bathtub and rainfall shower. The little kiddos had a great time swimming in the tub and I had a hard time getting them off the tub. But I will not be posting it here due to children's privacy.

The Breakfast Buffet

We had complimentary breakfast for 2 at their Caliber Café which is located at the ground floor of the hotel.

Wide selection of eat-all-you-can breakfast delights!
Max's favorite breakfast is Cococrunch.

Finishing their sumptuous meals.

Echoserang Bata Chronicles

Here are some of the Max's photos during this staycation escapade:

People come and go in your life. But I will always be here.....O, ano? Pwede na bang gumalaw???
Echoserang Bata: OK, Miggy. How do you project your life in the next 5 years?
Super Marvel Baby: Excuse me, Ate Max. You are covering my view. Alis dyan...
Echoserang Bata: Killjoy!
Someday, I will travel the world. Pero sa ngayon, dito muna sa dingding.

Super Marvel Baby: Shhhh! Don't tell Ate Max that I ate her doughnut...

So for your next staycation in the City, try Armada Hotel. I am recommending it and giving it a 4 star rating.

Information Details

Address: 2108 Marcelo H. Del Pilar Street, Malate, Manila 1004, Philippines
Contact numbers: Tel: +63 (0)2 526 0888 / +63 (0)2 5599890; Fax:  +63 (0)2 353 8838
Email: info@armadamanila.com, reservation@armadamanila.com

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