Sunday, January 31, 2016

Coffee Adventures: Bo's Coffee

I love coffee! I am a certified coffee drinker. I belong to an elite group of coffee-fanatics and coffee-maniacs, which we call simply as coffeesaurus.

I love the smell of coffee anytime of the day. Next to bookstores, coffee shops are my favorite places to spend time to read a book, think, plan, organize and prepare my day, or simply chat with friends and talk about anything that interests us.

I've been to several coffee shops already here in the Metro (aside from the famous Starbucks, of course). So, I've decided to share my coffee experiences and adventures that will also showcase the shops interior and of course their variants of coffee and different food choices that goes well with their famous blends.

My Tootsie Roll
Tootsie roll!

What memories do you have with these chocolates? >*.*< 

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Carved Soap Flowers from Thailand

Thank you to Dr. Jae for this unique souvenir from Thailand. :)

At first, I did not know what to make out of the wooden orb with a stencil drawing of the famous icon of Thailand - the elephant. My colleague told me that it is a soap.

Me: What? Seriously?? 

Liz: Oo! Buksan mo para makita mo yung sabon. 

(Oo nga naman..may sabon bang kahoy??? Duh?!)

So I opened the orb and lo and behold! A beautiful carnation flower was inside the mysterious wooden orb.

Me: Ohhhhh! Sabon ba talaga to? Parang ang baho naman...Sorry, I don't like the smell. It's like a combination of moth balls and citronella concoctions.

Beautifully Carved by Thais

I googled the said souvenir item hoping to be enlightened by its beautiful creation. What I learned from Oddity Central was that this craftmanship originated in the villages around Chiang Rai and just started out as a hobby when the locals were not working in the rice fields. They mastered it over time and the rest is history. Genius eh?!

What really striked me most (aside from the smell) was the detail on how every petals of the flowers were skillfully carved out. And the wooden orb is also a beauty!

I also found out that you can order these lovelies online: Wholesalers of Thai Soap Flowers

Oh well, I am thankful and contented with just one. :)
Other varieties (What is left of Dr. Jae's pasalubongs to all of us)
Photos taken by my Blackberry Passport

Our Sunday at Harbour Square

Sunset at Harbor Square

Wow! It has been ages since my last post. I was so busy with work that I never really visited my blogs and get to update them religiously.

Well, I'd like to revive my blogging habits by posting our latest adventure. Last Sunday, April 12th, we decided to take a break from our hectic professional lives and went to Harbor Square.

We dined at our favorite Filipino restaurant, Dencio's, and ordered some ice cold beers, meals, and talked about life, work, children, at marami pang iba. :)

Most of the shots here were taken by Mika and she has a keen eye for details. (She used my Blackberry Passport)

The View

The rays of the setting sun adds glamour to our shot. Thank you Mika!

My #SuperMarvelBaby

#Echoserangbata looking around and trying to digest everything that is taking place around her.

Say Hi! Miggy! #SuperMarvelBaby

Hinde naman masyado malaki ang mga mata nyo no?!

Lovely faces of my two lovely daughters.

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