Monday, May 9, 2016

Last Week in Review

I've been up since 11:30 PM. I can't go back to sleep anymore so I might as well put these thoughts of mine into writing.

It's Monday already and the start of Week 19. Remember last week, I posted my weekly planner spread for Week 18 and Week 19? Well, here's the post-Week 18th page:

The aftermath of Week 18.
What can you say about my week page? As I have mentioned before, it's mostly work-related and my personal entries or activities were only added on tiny spaces in between my client's appointments and other office-related stuff. I'm going to share to you what transpired during this week:

Monday - this is usually my "checking-in" day with my clients. Since I have a 3-day off, I make sure to follow-up on my clients by calling them, checking-in on their conditions, and try to determine if all went well during the weekend. I usually ask about their current physical and medical conditions and monitor their treatment processes. For this particular day, I had 3 client calls only.

Tuesday - Ahh..this was Didi's 44th birthday. The original plan was to go to a comedy bar and celebrate with small and selected friends. But since, it's the height of the election fever, every one has their own red alert statuses and we decided to have a home celebration on Friday instead. Here's my birthday message to my loving husband over Facebook with matching video that I made over Blackberry:

Who knew that the day you were born 44 years ago today was the day the stars would laugh in the face of fate, for they knew they had already planned a match for you

You are my advisor when I'm lost, you are my clown when I'm unhappy, you are my companion when I'm lonely, you are my all in all.
Thank you for being a very supportive and loving husband; for being a number one fan and cheerleader to our children, and for taking good care of us despite of all the hardships and tests of life. I pray to God that He will continue to give you the spark of life, the endurance, and vitality to go on till we see our children grow old together.
I love you infinitely beyond all the galaxies!

Wednesday and Thursday - As my weekend is fast approaching, the amount of work is also increasing. I reviewed medical reports and provided status update reports, called doctor's offices to schedule medical appointments for our crewmembers then called them to ensure that they attend these appointments, and tried to contact a doctor in Argentina to discuss a medical management. I really don't like Thursdays!

I was reminded by Facebook that it was Sr. Marilyn's birthday. She's my former Dean and a musical genius who can play several musical instruments. Several years ago, I wrote a poem in honor of her birthday.This time, I decided to write her a letter: 

I remember vividly the first time I met you during our choir practice for our Capping and Candlelighting ceremony. Boy! I was so nervous of missing a note because we have to repeat the whole song again until we finally get it right.
Yes, you are that person who do not settle for "Ok na yan" philosophy. You always make things perfect, pristine, in order, organized, and leaving no trace of breadcrumbs in any undertakings that you are involved in. A lot of people misunderstand (and not like) you because of this - that perfectionism attitude. Nonetheless, this is the best thing that I learned from you -- Always strive to be the best and not settle for just "Ok na yan".
I will never cease on thanking you for all the wonderful experiences that we shared together and thanking God that He allowed me to meet and learn from you. Happy, happy birthday to you! I pray that you will be more blessed than ever....
Love you! heart emoticon heart emoticon heart emoticon heart emoticon heart emoticon

Friday - I slept for 5 hours only and then Gabie and I went to SM to buy our mini-birthday meals for Didi. I did not cook any fancy this time because I was so tired from all the week's work. I also paid our PLDT and electric bills.

We had crispy pata and pancit canton from Kuya J's, the pork and shrimp siomai from Rustan's supermarket, my own version of Dynamite, and the Chocolate Indulgence cake from Red Ribbon. Plus 2 bottles of Franzia California Red Wine to cap this celebration. 
Saturday and Sunday - lazzzyyyy days....well, it's a long weekend for us since Monday, which is today, is National and Local Election Day. Last Saturday, each political parties went out to stage their last campaign rallies and by the looks of it, it is already expected that there's going to be heavy traffic on the road. We stayed at home, watched movies, and the news after that. As I have said...lazzzyyyy days!

Oh, before I forget, Sunday is Mother's Day! Here's what I wrote for this occasion:

10 Superpowers that Mothers possess:
1. We have X-ray vision that we see microbes whenever you touch unidentified objects.

2. We have heightened senses that allow us to anticipate what's going to happen.

3. We have the strength of Strennua and can carry loads of groceries, baby bags, and other shopping bags at the same time.

4. We have the angst of Bellona and will fight for our children until our last breath.

5. We have the wisdom of Athena, as we teach our children the knowledge that will bring them wealth as they grow old.

6. We have the patience of the monks as we can hold on to anything thus allowing everyone to be at peace. But if all goes unwell, you can always go back to #4.

7. We can be at 2 places at the same time -- believe me, we can do that.

8. We have been taught by the world's Master Chefs that we can cook and whip delicious food for our family to eat even if the ingredients are not complete.

9. We have developed special skills like speaking different language, deciphering wall paintings, and sing like opera singers.

10. We have the biggest heart that we give our children all the days of their lives.

Ain't that cool? Happy Supermom's day!

So, that's all folks! I hope and pray that today's election will be peaceful and whatever will be the results, I pray that we will all be blessed.

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