Saturday, January 4, 2014

Saving as a New Year's Resolution

"I will save money."
Yep. This is one of the many New Year's resolution that we make and somehow failed to achieve (I have to agree with the last part of the sentence). I admit that I am a ningas kugon when it comes to saving. I will start the process, determined to finish the goal at the end of year, but ultimately I can find an excuse to use the saved money and spend it again. Kaputt!

Some financial advisers say that it's not too late to save. So this year (crossing my fingers), I will try again my best to save.

The 52 Week Money Challenge

I came across this 52 Week Money Challenge online and I will try this technique. Although the original version is in US dollars, Kuripot Pinay have her own version, in Philippine peso that is. In addition to this blog post, she also made a student version of this challenge. This is ideal for students and the young ones who are only starting to save. You can use this as a motivating factor also.

I downloaded her template on how much will you be saving and how much will be getting at the end of the year. This way, you can monitor your progress. Isn't it amazing that you will actually be getting Php68,900.00 by December? I'm just praying that I will not be able to touch it the whole year in order for me to enjoy the whole amount.

52 Week Money Challege.katzlifechapters
Template for the 52 Week Money Challenge

So, are you with me in this challenge?

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