Friday, February 28, 2014

The New and Improved Taste of Nescafe

Who does not love coffee in the morning?

For me, it's my bloodline. It's the voltage of electricity that will put me to life. Every morning when I wake up, the first thing that I do is make me a cup of coffee. I just wish that I can do this everyday with freshly brewed coffee. But with lacking coffee maker and coffee beans, I resort to instant coffee blends. Nescafe is my brand.

Just like any ordinary mornings, I made my coffee today. As I began to sip it, I tasted a different flavor and the aroma seems different too. I just refilled our coffee container this morning so I immediately looked for the packaging to find out if there's something that I missed that could shed light to this early morning coffee mystery. On top of the foil, there's a label that says"New and improved taste*". The asterisk will lead you to read what's written below the packaging which says, "vs. previous Nescafe classic." 

The packaging of the New and Improved Taste Nescafe. 
I also noticed that the color of the coffee is much darker. I captured a photo of this inside the container. If you cannot distinguish the difference because of my phone camera settings, better buy new and improved taste Nescafe now and see for yourself. :)

The New and Improved Taste Nescafe on top of the previous Nescafe classic.
Well, true to its words, the new Nescafe offers a new flavor to my taste buds. The strength of caffeine makes my neurotransmitters spark like fireworks. Its too delicious to describe! This is much closer to having a freshly brewed coffee straight from a coffee machine. Now my mornings will be more exciting as ever! Just as I am writing this blog, I am into my second cup...

Thursday, February 13, 2014

My Litlle Prince Charming

Boy, he's growing up so fast!

Fifty-seven days after I gave birth to a wonderful healthy baby boy, he is now sharing his precious heart-melting smiles to everyone.

Barely 5 more days till he turns 2 months old, he now weighs 5.8kg (12.76lbs) and is 66 cm in length. His developmental milestones include following objects with eyes past midline, responds to voices and stops activity when talked to. What I love the most is when he smiles and burst into little laughs. He now also makes sounds. I have the feeling that he is already making a short conversation with us every time we look at him.

This smile is just to die for!

This photo was taken this early this morning by his Tatay. If you wake up to this every morning, the rest of the day will be just as magical as his smile.

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