Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Weekly Planner Spread: Week 20 and Week 21

Hello Lovies!

Before I start, let me show you my Last Week Review: Week 19 --

Status post Week 19

Sooo.. I juggled between crewmembers' calls, update reporting to my clients, one hospitalized crew in Washington due to multiple fractures secondary to fall, and finishing two online quizzes from my eHealth Management class. Not much.... just the usual havoc week for me. 

Oh...before I forget.. I attended the Mom Workshop by Smart Parenting with the topic on All About Toddlers last Saturday. The draft has been written for this blog post, but I'm still waiting (researching) for other inclusive topics to add to this article. Just watch out for this post by the end of the week.

If you want to see the before and after look of this weekly spread, just click this one here: Weekly Planner Spread: Week 18 and Week 19

Week 20 and Week 21

How's your week so far? As for me, I'm just about to start my work week. I was not able to work yesterday because I was feeling under the weather. We are now beginning to experience some rain showers, but the weather bureau has no official statement if the summer season has ended already. Oh well, I'm just glad that the temperature is beginning to cool down a little bit.

Now, let's talk about my weekly spread. From what you see here, my set-up for this week remains moderately spartan. With just minimal decoration -- I used decorative tapes and the Bible passage that I printed in bond paper. I like planner decorations like stickers, stamps, and other blings that some people put into their planners or organizers. But with the work that I have right now, I don't want to flood my pages with other stuffs that may distort my organizing thoughts. 

So, my spread is still clean. I can't wait to see the "after" look of this one. 

Week 20 and Week 21
To keep me motivated and inspired while doing what I do.
I'm eager to see what's your planner looks like this week (and thereafter). You can always share what you think of this blog post by commenting below.

See you soon!

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