Sunday, January 5, 2014

Trying Out Pond's Age Miracle Cell ReGEN

A Beauty Sacrifice

When I got pregnant, it was the end of my beauty experiments. Momentarily.

There are a lot of things that a woman sacrifices when she gets pregnant. One of which is her beauty regimen. It's not really depriving your personal hygiene, but there are some harmful ingredients in some beauty products that can also harm the baby. Although you can always ask your OB-GYN for professional advice on which products are good for you. In my case, I totally banned facial creams, astringents, and any beauty products. I only used kojic soap and drank a lot of water so as not to dehydrate my skin.

Well, I am not not a kikay kind of girl. Even before, I don't have a tremendous hoard of beauty products to put into my face. I only use kojic soap (from time to time), and before pregnancy, I used the Belo facial products. But I love to try beauty products and find out what's best for my skin.

Getting the Miracle

I made a promise to myself that after I deliver our baby, I have to take care of myself that includes getting myself a manicure, pedicure, facial, massage, and a probably a new set of make-up. Top of my list is to get a new set of facial care. So last January 1, when we went to SM Megamall we passed by Watson's and I checked what's the latest facial care they have.

My attention was caught by the Pond's promo girl who is holding a box with the face of Cheska Garcia-Kramer on it. I went to her and immediately asked what's inside the box. She started to talk about the product that I was asking her and she seems very excited and confident that I will be getting one. For the price of Php699.00, I will be getting the Pond's Age Miracle Cell ReGEN Facial Wash and the Pond's Age Miracle Cell ReGEN Day Cream. Plus....I will also have a limited edition of Rajo Laurel clutch bag!

Wow! The clutch bag is really a treat for me. Nonetheless, it's one heck of a miracle to have this kind of promo. So I decided to take the box (and the clutch bag) and of course in order to complete the line, I also bought the Night Cream (@Php699).
pond's age miracle cell reGEN.katzlifechapters
My complete set of Pond's Age Miracle Cell ReGEN + Rajo Laurel's clutch bag.

pond's age miracle cell reGEN,katzlifechapters
The logo of Rajo Laurel inside the clutch bag.

I'm excited to look 10 years younger as what the product promises. Just stay tune and maybe I'll be able to blog about the results soon.

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