Thursday, February 13, 2014

My Litlle Prince Charming

Boy, he's growing up so fast!

Fifty-seven days after I gave birth to a wonderful healthy baby boy, he is now sharing his precious heart-melting smiles to everyone.

Barely 5 more days till he turns 2 months old, he now weighs 5.8kg (12.76lbs) and is 66 cm in length. His developmental milestones include following objects with eyes past midline, responds to voices and stops activity when talked to. What I love the most is when he smiles and burst into little laughs. He now also makes sounds. I have the feeling that he is already making a short conversation with us every time we look at him.

This smile is just to die for!

This photo was taken this early this morning by his Tatay. If you wake up to this every morning, the rest of the day will be just as magical as his smile.

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