Sunday, January 31, 2016

Coffee Adventures: Bo's Coffee

I love coffee! I am a certified coffee drinker. I belong to an elite group of coffee-fanatics and coffee-maniacs, which we call simply as coffeesaurus.

I love the smell of coffee anytime of the day. Next to bookstores, coffee shops are my favorite places to spend time to read a book, think, plan, organize and prepare my day, or simply chat with friends and talk about anything that interests us.

I've been to several coffee shops already here in the Metro (aside from the famous Starbucks, of course). So, I've decided to share my coffee experiences and adventures that will also showcase the shops interior and of course their variants of coffee and different food choices that goes well with their famous blends.

Bo's Coffee

For this first post, we are going to talk about Bo's Coffee at SM San Lazaro, Manila. It is located at the 3rd floor just near the cinemas.

Bo's Coffee boasts on homegrown coffee - Philippine origin. Yep, you will be choosing from different coffee brews that are locally grown in the different regions of the Philippines. The store in SM San Lazaro displays this concept in the different posters that adorn their walls.

Breads and Cakes and Gelato!

Artisinal gelato. 
Of course, you have to try their Mocha Java Jelly which is oozing with espresso and choco syrup.
Our drinks - Large (16 oz) Cafe Americano. 

My coffee mate. (",)

Now what I noticed was that their stirrers are individually wrapped by plastic. Isn't it hygienic to have this instead of the bare naked ones collectively stored in open jars? Just thinking. 

If you want to grab more of their merchandise, there is this shelf full of collectibles and different types of coffee beans that they sell to their patrons.

At this time of day (Sunday afternoon), the coffee shop was full of students studying (I think) and some families who simply like to have their time spent over long talks and a steaming cup of coffee.  

For this adventure, I will give the store and the baristas a rating of 4 coffee beans for finding us vacant seats to enjoy our coffee and spend some little time together before heading to our grocery tasks. 

Do you have an experience to share with Bo's Coffee? 
What is your favorite blend of coffee and what do you usually order from this coffee shop?

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