Friday, April 15, 2016

Chairathon Furniture Design Exhibit

I always arrive an hour earlier at my workplace and I usually check out what stores are now open at Uptown Mall. I was surprised to see that there's this furniture exhibit at Uptown Mall. It's called Chairathon: A Furniture Design Exhibit.

As the title of the exhibit suggests, the furniture piece is all about chairs. But what is unique and exciting about these chairs is the idea that these were all movie-inspired. The designers selected their favorite movie and created a chair masterpiece that will surely transfer you to a world away from reality and can really be enjoyed by everyone.

Can you guess what movies these chairs were designed from?

Obviously, this is BaeMax

From the movie Black Swan

Edward Cullen and Bella Swan would really enjoy cuddling moments here. But the wolf blanket is just disturbing.

Just make sure that you will not hear someone shouting "Off with their heads!"

The designer said that this was from the Bee Movie. Hmmm... your thoughts?

First rule of leadership: Everything is your fault. And who said that in what movie? 

Boo will surely like this one.

Ok..Who do you think this came from -- Manolo or Joaquin?

Cruella de Vil!

This is Inception beyond all deceptions. 

I'm not really a fan of dystopian movies. From what movie is this again?

Maleficient. I was hoping for a purple and black combination. What do you think?

The throw pillow blow its cover!

Which one do you like best?

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