Wednesday, April 27, 2016

More Chairs from the Chairathon Exhibit

I thought I already covered all the chairs from the Chairathon Furniture Design Exhibit which I have posted last time. When I visited Uptown Mall again, there were 12 more chairs displayed on the other side of the lobby -- just opposite to location of the first 14 chairs. I'm glad that they haven't removed the chairs yet and I was still able to take photos of them.

Here are the rest of the movie-inspired chairs:

From Simpsons the Movie. I thought it was from a cartoon where it rained all foods. what movie was that again?

Inspired from The Little Prince. I think this was the part where the grown up was drawing/doodling something and he asked some persons to identify what it was. An elephant was an answer that was given.

When I saw this, I immediately said --Ahhh.. Belle! 

From Harry Potter (?) How? What gives? What is the relation? Please explain so that I may be enlightened. 

At first I thought I was looking at a confession box. I did not even see the legs of the chairs there. Well, it says this is inspired from the movie Maze Runner.

The designer offered us two movies where she patterned this chair from -- Tangled and The Grudge. Do you agree?

No explanations. From the shadow backdrop it's Peter Pan. But that was only a standee and not part of the chair. Without it, I cannot relate the chair to Peter Pan.. Can you?

I get this one. From The Black Swan. It represents the two personalities of Natalie Portman as she struggles with the pressure of stardom, maternal conflicts, and perfectionism.

It's cute right? Cogsworth would be very happy with this.

EVE is that you???

I did not see The Exorcism of Emily Rose, but this chair has an Eastern flair on it with matching bamboo sticks as side designs.

Okay...Where's the Fault here?

So there you are Lovies...
What designs do you like and appealing to be added to your home?

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