Sunday, May 1, 2016

Our Sarsa Bar and Kitchen Experience

I can't sleep! This has been my weekend struggle since I started to work in the US time zone. My whole family are already deep in their slumbers, yet I am still wide awake and can't get Morpheus to visit me. Maybe he don't love me anymore. Oh well, better put this insomnia to a better use. Let me tell you about this local restaurant that we went to last weekend.

This summer season is by far the hottest temperature I've encountered. You surely don't want to go out and feel the scorching heat of summer if the heat index is at the staggering reading of 42-51 degrees Celcius, right? But last weekend was an exemption. The whole family trooped to SM Mall of Asia to meet our very dear friend Wendell, who is also Ninong to our second daughter Mika. He surprised us that he's visiting the country at this time of the year, so we decided to have some catching up moments with him. 

Sarsa Bar and Kitchen

We went to Sarsa Bar and Kitchen located at the second floor of the Entertainment Complex. It's also our first time here and I just have to experience what they have to offer. Sarsa Bar and Kitchen is owned by Chef Jayps Angelo. He's not only famous among circles of restauratuers, but he's also among the judges in the Master Chef Pinoy Edition TV show before. I have read from internet reviews and was also featured in Kris TV, that this new restaurant is serving local and traditional Negrense cuisine with a modern twist. So we finally had the chance to taste their food! And of course, allowing our dear friend to eat his favorite country meals by heart. We ordered a lot of food but I only got to take few photos of them since everybody was already hungry and can't wait to eat them. That's alright, Just visit the place and get the chance to taste their food.

Here are our delicious photos:

That's their Kinilaw Corner.

Crispy Pata
Crispy hito sa gata
Sizzling Kansi. The bone is literally cut in half so that it will not be difficult to extract the bone marrow. Can you see that whole bone marrow oozing with goodness? Yummmmyyyy!
Special Batchoy
My habit of taking the ceiling shot.
I wrote a caption on what were they doing here. Read it here: 

For their full menu and prices (as of this writing), please check below:

Overall, the food was splendid! I really love the sizzling kansi and crispy hito sa gata. Serving time was also very quick. We ordered several food items and yet all of them were served immediately. The place is also very homey and child-friendly. And because of this, I'll give them 4 stars for the food, service, and ambiance.

Let me know if you have been to this place and what's your favorite food.

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