Thursday, May 12, 2016

Celebrating International Nurses Day 2016

Hello Lovies!

May 9-15 is a week-long celebration for nurses around the world. Since Monday, I've been tweeting and posting status on my Facebook account greeting my fellow nurses Happy Nurses' Week! I just want to congratulate everyone for doing a great job on being a nurse. And today, May 12th is the International Nurses Day and at the same time the birthday of Florence Nightingale - the Lady with the Lamp, the grand mama of professional nursing that all of us are practicing today.

Just always remember that we, nurses, are unique. We have the power to promote comfort and relieve strife. Many times we are gifted with the privilege of seeing rapid results of our caring actions. The true benefits of nursing are felt in our minds and hearts. No matter how hard we try, only a nurse can truly understand and appreciate the magnitude of our job
Don't worry, I'm not going to talk about the history of nursing or preach about the technicalities of being a nurse. I would like to share to my avid readers my professional journey in this medical field.

My Nursing Career

The nursing profession has dramatically changed its image from being a doctor's handmaid to becoming an independent and critical thinking nurse who collaborates and communicates with different members of the healthcare team in order to achieve patient/client goals. Gone are days that we bow down and follow orders without questioning or sharing your thoughts on it. We have become an empowered professional who have more options in developing and enhancing one's career. I do believe that nurses are the reason why hospitals and other medical care facilities are surviving.
You don’t build a house without its foundation. You don’t build a hospital without its nurses.
To those who don’t know me yet, I am a nurse by profession and have been a nurse since 1996. Okay, just do the math and you will know how long I have been in this line of work. LOL! All these years, I have shifted careers but the bottomline is I remained a nurse. Just to give a brief summary of my career, here it goes:
  • Worked at Philippine General Hospital as a Staff Nurse
  • Worked at OIC Construction Company as Occupational Nurse
  • Worked at St. Anthony College of Roxas City as Clinical Instructor
    • Graduated Masters of Science in Nursing major in Community Health Nursing at St. Paul's University of Iloilo City
    • Nominated as Outstanding Nurse in Capiz in the field Academics
    • Received the Award of Outstanding Alumni of St. Anthony College of Roxas City in the field of Academics
  • Started to work as Online Freelance Medical Writer
    • Written several nursing articles and NCLEX, LPN, Medical Transcriptionist Course, Medical Case Studies for clients in the USA and Europe
    • Adjunct Nursing Faculty at Texila American University, one of the best Caribbean Medical Schools is located in Guyana, the only English-speaking country in South America. 

    • Worked as Nurse Adviser to some students at University of North Florida
  • Presently working as International/USA Sr. Medical Nurse Case Manager at Future Care, Inc.
    • Cited by LinkedIn as one of the Top 10 International Nurse Case Managers

  • Presently taking Master's degree in E-Health Management in Rome Business School.

With everything that I do as a nurse, the one thing that I considered as my biggest professional achievement is being a Nurse Educator/Clinical Instructor. For 12 years, I have contributed to molding young minds in achieving their dreams to become a nurse. And now, as I see them all over the world, practicing the profession with all heart and soul, and making their families happy and proud of what they do, is the best feeling in the world. 

I know I did something good, I know I did a job! That's why I'm proud to say that I am a Nurse.

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