Monday, May 2, 2016

Weekly Planner Spread: Week 18 and 19

It's the first week and first Monday of May!

Gosh.... just how time flies! Anytime soon, we all be scurrying off to bookstores and department stores to buy school supplies for our children just in time for the school opening in June. But since it's only May, I will just focus on what's going to take place this month. First of all, here's my weekly planner spread for the Week 18 and Week 19.

As you can see, most of the entries in this spread are mostly related to work. These are my client's medical appointments and follow-ups for this week. To all who just visited my blog, I am presently working as an International and USA Medical Nurse Case Manager. Having a planner is a must for me as I keep track of these appointments and deadlines. Aside from that, I have other things that I put in Filofax planner. I'll try to discuss and show them to you next time. :))

I also like to design my planner for the sake of art! LOL! I lined the pages with design tapes and motivational quotes or passages from the bible. I have discovered this very cute device, similar to a wipe out tape, but they dispense cute and lovely kawaii designs where you can easily lay out in any paper. Here are the materials that I used for this weekly spread:

We have a lot of things to look forward to this month. There's the National and Local Election on May 9 where we get to elect the next President of the Philippines. Most importantly, this month is very special to my family, because the love of my life will celebrate his 44th birthday.

I hope that we can achieve whatever we have outlined for this week. Till next time!

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