Friday, March 11, 2016

Welcome to My Workplace

Hello wonderful readers!

I'm still feeling under the weather as of this writing, but I just don't want to put a gap on my blog posts. I even have not finished plotting my March blog calendar yet (geez!). I just hope that my energy will be restored in the next coming days as I have soooo many things to do.

Alright-ty...let's get this on! For this post, allow me to share my workplace. Yep, I want to talk about my office building and tour you around inside. Are you ready?

Our office is located at BGC Taguig on the 19th floor of Tower Two Uptown Mall. We moved here last December 2015 from our first office at SM Aura.
This is what the building looks like outside. 
This facade is along 11th drive.
The fountain that changes light is situated on the other side of the building -- the main entrance to the Mall. 

The whole establishment is not yet 100% complete. The mall is now open with limited stores operating. So far, the following have already began their businesses:
  • National Bookstore
  • McDonald's
  • KFC
  • Bruno's Barbers
  • Unionbank
  • Rustan's Supermarket
  • Morganfield's
  • Italianni's
  • Fely J restaurant
  • Peperoni
  • Beyond the Box
A very sleek and classy supermarket just below our office building.

I'm just glad that NBS is among the first store to open its doors. :)))

Okay...let's go up to the 19th floor. This is the lobby of the 19th floor.

You cannot just simply get inside these glass doors of the main office because you will be asked to enter you biometrics. In my case, my fingerprint. 

Upon entering, you will see our Reception Area here. Since these photos were taken at night, there were no daytime staff anymore working to receive any guests. Our company is the only one that operates 27/7 on this floor. So basically, we own the whole floor during this time. Ain't that grand?

The Reception Area at night.
Behind that white wall, is the place where visitors and applicants wait to transact their businesses. The colorful chairs are adorable and add fun to the working place. 

That's one of the many conference rooms in our office. The rooms vary depending on the number of attendees you will have.
The office corridors that lead to many different companies. Uber Philippines is also here. 
The Brain of our office information technology. I secretly call it the "synaptic room".
Well, it's no longer a secret now. :))
Our lounge/pantry/eating area.
This still comprises the lounge/pantry/eating area, with high chairs instead. 
We have 2 microwave ovens, 2 water dispensers (hot & cold), a sink, dishwasher, and a two-door fridge where you can leave your food and drinks as needed.  

Due to the increased risk of cardiovascular diseases among computer-related and stress laden working conditions, our place have these treadmill desks where you can bring your laptop here while you answer e-mails (or whatever that you do) and literally do some walking or running exercises. Haven't tried it yet though.
Another innovation in the working area is this vertical garden.
All plants are real and it gives a refreshing feeling. favorite place! This is our coffee making area. Three monsters always ready to fill your cup with freshly hot brewed coffee. And it's all free!

So, I hope I have indulged your curiosity by talking about my workplace. If you happen to drop by at this area, let me know. Maybe I can help you around. See yah!

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