Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Weekly Roundup: Chinese New Year, Freebies, and Book Review Journal

Hey! It's almost midweek of February! Can you believe that???

Last week, we celebrated many occasions that I lost track to post immediately due to the fact that I have a day job (or you may call it a "night" job) to sustain and most of the day I am asleep. That's why I am writing this post as a weekly roundup on what happened last week and hopefully give a a preview on what's going to take place in the days to come for the remainder of February. Let's see....

Celebrated the Year of the Fire Monkey 

Since it's a no-office day for us, Didi and I went for a stroll to Chinatown and got a glimpse of the Chinese New Year festivities. Here are the photos that we took:

Passed by Sta. Rita Church first for Thanksgiving and Guidance.

The famous Arch of Goodwill.

The streets are laden with goodluck charms of all sorts.

We ate at Four Seasons Hongkong Style Restaurant. Their Chinese fried chicken is delicious!

This band is composed of blind performers and the little boy as the drummer.

The San Lorenzo Ruiz Church

As the Year of the Fire Monkey began, I researched the internet on what's in store for this year. Here's what I found in Inquirer:

2016 forecast

Wealth luck for: Rat, Ox, Dragon, Rabbit, Sheep, Snake, Rooster and Pig.
Be careful with your wealth: Tiger, Monkey, Horse and Dog.
Health luck for: Rat, Ox, Dragon, Snake, Rooster, Pig and Sheep.
Be careful with your health: Tiger, Monkey, Rabbit, Dog, Horse and Rooster.
Career luck for: Ox, Rabbit, Sheep, Dog and Dragon.
Be careful in your career: Rat, Tiger, Snake, Horse, Monkey, Rooster and Pig.
Love life luck for: Pig, Rooster, Snake, Rabbit and Ox.
Be careful in love life: Dog, Monkey, Sheep, Dragon, Tiger, Rat and Horse.

All will be generally lucky, according to Master Aldric, except for the Tiger and the Monkey. Ironically, though, the luckiest ones are those born in the special monkey years 1944, 1956 and 1968, as they will experience overwhelming good fortune in 2016.

By the way, I'm a bunny baby (*wink*wink*)

Loyalty Card Freebies

Do you have loyalty cards that you keep and use in your everyday store transactions? I do. And I am enjoying the many benefits they offer. Just last week, my National Bookstore Laking National Card has already 460 points. The sales attendant said that I can already claim a book for these points. Wow! It's like winning a lottery prize! (pardon my exaggeration on this matter, but this is exactly what I feel everytime it has something to do with books).

Without hesitation, I immediately went to the Fiction Area of NBS and its just there staring at me and pleading to pick it up -- The Bibliophile's Devotional

And there's my Mercury Suki Card having an extensive 980 points! (for buying Maxime's and Miggy's milk and diapers). I was having a coughing fit last week so I decided to take lozenges from my collected points. I saved Php160.00 by redeeming the points instead of buying them directly.

Planning for Book Review Journal

I am going to incorporate a little scholastic work in this blog by putting up my Book Review Journal. I already started out planning on what will be the content of my review. Oh, the very basic ones like who's the author, number of pages, what genre, who are the characters of the story, what's the plot, etc. Very elementary you say? Well, I'm putting a little twist into it so you just wait and read! 

As I was in the middle of preparing for my Book Review Journal, LA Wild tweeted about her book and shared an electronic copy of her first book Chance the Darkness. Ain't life grand? :)

Well, that's all into it. I'm excited to start my first Book Review Journal. See you next week for more new happenings in this chapter of my life. Oh, how about Valentine's Day? Guess I have to keep that one in private (nyehehehehe....)

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