Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Dance with My Father

I know you already heard (and loved) the song Dance with My Father. Almost all brides-to-be include this in their list of possible songs to be played on the day of their wedding. I get teary-eyed myself whenever I hear the song. You know, if you have a very strong emotional bond with your father, this song can melt your heart to pieces. 

Yesterday, as I was trying to search for some files in my laptop, I stumbled into these movie clips that I recorded last May 5, 2013. This was the baptism of Maxime Danielle, our 3rd daughter. She was 5 months old then. The background song that you can hear is not the song that I am talking about, although the singer is my brother ~ Kristofferson J. Conlu. But I get so emotional seeing this clip that I told my dear husband, that they can use this as their "throwback videos" when the time comes for their wedding day. My husband gave me a smirk instead. 

After Two Years...

Here's the Part 2 of their Father-Daughter dance. This was taken last November 10, 2013 in our new place here in Manila. The number they presented here is actually a quick recording their noontime antics. It's all natural and we enjoyed replaying it every now and then. Even Maxime plays it over a hundred times already and gets to laugh at her clumsiness. 

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