Thursday, December 26, 2013

Sealtiel's First Week

Our first photo together.
Our baby boy is a week older. It has not been easy since I delivered via C/S and I have only my husband with me to help me with things around the house. It's good that our daughters are spending the Holidays here in Manila with us. They are helping in taking care or Maxime while I gave my full attention to Baby Miggy.

Week One

So far, Sealtiel is not such a fuss baby. He sleeps most of the time and only gets to stir and wiggle his tiny body when he's hungry. I am breastfeeding him and he likes it very much. I think the most tasking part during the first week is the changing patterns of bowel elimination. A baby's body need to eliminate the meconium (first stool) from his system or else this can cause some toxic effects. 
Peaceful sight. Taken in the hospital.

Meconium is fecal material that the baby passes out after birth. It is blackish to dark green in color. On Day 2, we have 8-10 poops (in little amount though) and diaper change is just like a taxi meter. I read from that this is normal especially if the baby is breastfed. The colostrum  from breast milk has a laxative effect and causes the baby to poop frequently. In Sealtiel's case, it is helping him get rid of the meconium. 
Days 3 and onwards is mostly sleeping time for him. Every morning around 9-10 AM I bathe him with Lactacyd blue making sure that I am not washing his umbilical stump to prevent infection. After his short bath, I breast fed him and he goes to sleep again. I chose EQ diapers (newborn) for his nappies because its affordable.

His umbilical stump fell off on Day 7. Below is the photo showing his stump. I'm glad that no infection transpired when it was still attached to his belly.

Umbilical stump fell off!

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