Wednesday, December 4, 2013

The Fruit of My CEAP Contribution

This morning when I woke up, I opened my cellphone and checked for my Daily Bible Verse. This is what I read:

What's the relevance of this message to me, you may ask. Today I received my CEAP benefits! I thought I am no longer qualified to receive any separation pay since I only begin to contribute for CEAP in 2006 (I think). CEAP stands for Catholic Educational Association of the Philippines. If you are an educator working in a Catholic institution, you are asked to contribute a portion of your salary for your retirement. Since I am an obedient employee, I registered and started to contribute.

But I lost interest in processing since I resigned voluntarily and I am below 10 years of continuous contribution. With the persistence of my mother, I processed the papers for separation and just waited for whatever benefits I will be receiving. I checked and read the contents at their website for any clues on whatever amount I will be receiving. I found nothing. This lead to my hopeless consideration that I may not receive anything at all. Knowing that I will need all the financial help now since I am about to give birth this month via Caesarian section, I just prayed to God that He will provide us with whatever grace He can give us. I never ceased praying and the Bible message really gave me hope.

I filed the papers late October, then forgot all about it. Que sera sera...

But we can really never tell what's in store for us. As we keep on worrying about our daily lives, on what's going to happen the next day, He already laid out the cards of our chances. All we have to do is have FAITH IN HIM. 

So, this afternoon, I received a phone call from my mother informing me that I have check from CEAP. The amount can really help in my CS delivery. While I was worrying on where to get the funds for this expense, HE provided it for us. Truly, God works in wonderful ways.

My planner entry when I received the good news!

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