Sunday, December 22, 2013

My 2014 Power Planner

This is the first page of my 2014 planner. Can you guess what planner is this?
A few days more and 2013 is about to end and... we will start to live another year ahead of us.

If you are like me, who likes to write down everything my mind is able to conceived, then getting a planner is definitely a major part of your must-have list. As early as October, I already surfed the net, visited bookstores and searched for what kind of planner will I be having for 2014.

The "Planner" in Me

I am not an O-C (obsessive-compulsive) type of person that cannot live without his/her planner or organizer. I don't get freaked out or suddenly be out of control when things are not in order. I guess the habit of writing things down and going through those lists everyday composes me and make me feel secure to know that I have some work to do for the day. It's my way of gauging my productivity level. Sometimes, I make my planner as a journal (an art journal in particular; just like what I did to my 2013 planner) where I post some inspirational thoughts, sayings or quotes that affects me, and even some recipes that I am willing to try. I also keep my payslip in my planner, my daily expenses (though not religiously), some savings, records of my online jobs and finances, and other knick-knacks that I can think of. Basically, the planner that I am looking for does not only suits my lifestyle but can adjust to what my life should be.

Last year, I had a Belle De Jour Power Planner. My first actually. My previous planners are all courtesy from companies' Christmas giveaways (of course! I also considered the money aspect in buying a new one). If the planner is very pleasant to my eyes, have more writing space then I settle for it. It was just last year that I bought the BJD Power Planner because I read its reviews and I want to give it a try.

And it did not failed me. So, this coming 2014, I decided for another BJD Power Planner. But this time I opted for the leather type to enhance professionalism and entice more professional work coming my way this 2014.

"Live life to the fullest!" ~My 2014 Power Planner complete with Lifestyle Card and stickers


I ordered my planner online and paid via PayPal. If you visit the BDJ site, they are offering you a freebie of Pantene products the moment you purchased your Power Planner. Why not?! I registered online and I received them yesterday. My first freebies from BDJ!

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