Sunday, March 9, 2014

Miggy's Immunization Schedule

We went out to see Miggy's Pediatrician yesterday for his scheduled immunization. It's his 2nd shot of Pentaxim (Diptheria, Tetanus, Pertussis, and Polio Myelitis). Last month, he had Rotateq oral vaccination for Rotavirus. He's 2 months and 18 days today. He's grown so fast and I feel that a little bit heavier too. 

Here's our photo documentary of what transpired during our short trip.

baby's outfit of the day.katzlifechapters
His outfit for the day (OOTD). Clothes by Tita Arni Florencio, shoes by Tita Nene, socks and handkies from my Future Care Inc. family.

Well, how do I look? Stunning, ei?

And here's little Maxime's OOTD as well...

 We arrived at Cardinal Santos Hospital around 9:30 AM. While waiting for our turn, the big sister is busy playing with the big calculator and weighing scale. As if she's computing the things around her.

echoserang bata.katzlifechapters
Echoserang Bata! 

And it's confirmed! He gained weight over the month. He is now 6.9 kgs. Almost a kilo was added to his previous weight.

weighing baby.katzlifechapters

Father-daughter time.
Yes, I cut my hair short. Miggy keeps on pulling and tagging it so I decided to cut it short. And of course, just getting ready for the summer season.

Meet the Doc!

 Meet Miggy's lovely and elegant Pediatrician - Dr. Angel Aquino Gonzales. No, she's not a showbiz personality, although you might get an inkling feeling that she's one because of her almost silver screen name and flawless face. But she does numerous TV guestings already for "Mars" where she gives advises and answers questions pertaining to medicine in general and most especially infant and children care.

Little Munch Time

We grabbed a quick meal at the hospital's Food Court before heading home.
food court of Cardinal Santos Hospital.katzlifechapters
Food Court of Cardinal Santos Hospital.

On Our Way Home

Maxime's munching her Honey Glazed doughnut which we bought at the Foodcourt of Cardinal Santos Hospital.

Thank you Doc!

The check sign band-aid over Miggy's thigh is where the vaccine was injected. Thanks Tita Doc for the care. See you next month...

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