Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Your NSO Certificate Delivered At Your Door

Everything is now accessible when you have internet connection. From shopping online, food delivery, and even your NSO certificate delivered at your door.

Last February 27, 2013, my daughter Gabie texted me that she needs a copy of her birth certificate (NSO copy) to comply with graduation requirements. Being far from her and negating the thought of asking my Nanay for help in getting a copy, I ran to my computer and searched for the online services of NSO Birth Certificates.

NSO online

3-Easy Steps

The webpage have 3-easy steps to follow:

I entered my name as the person who requested for the birth certificate. Then I entered the birth data of Gabie. They will also be asking for the place where you want it delivered. I specified in the application that it will be delivered to the province so that I will no longer send it separately.

After you have finished everything, you will now pay the for the requested document. As you can see below, the document requested can be delivered not only in the Philippines but also to other countries. Of course, variation to the payment will entail.

So, I paid for my document thru BDO bank at Php315. That was also done on same date I applied online. If you have credit card, no need to go out and pay over the counter. 

Once payment has been processed, they will send you an email regarding your transaction and the estimated time of delivery of the said document.

They were able to receive the document March 8, 2013. That's 6 working days since I made payment. Not bad, right? The service is indeed time-saving and very appropriate for those who are not able to go directly to City Hall or NSO offices.

Aside from online, NSO services are also available in some malls within the Metro.

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